About Us

Hello, My name is Danara, I'm from Los Angeles Ca and I am the founder of SoothingPalmsSknCare. I started SoothingPalmsSknCare in June of 2020. That year I was moved to want to do MORE for myself, and my community. I decided I wanted to give back to those in need. A few friends and I all put our hearts & minds together to share our love tokens, we raised money and were able to create take-care backpacks and gave them out to over 100 individuals! For this event, I decided to make handmade hand sanitizers using all-natural ingredients. I gave my family, friends, and coworkers a few samples to try before the event and the outpour of love I received helped push my creativity and it motivated me to take my passion more seriously. After a few years, I found peace in knowing that I was able to help so many individuals feel more confident about the products I was making as well as helping myself. For a long time, I suffered from dark inner thighs, old scar marks, and dry irritated skin, big-name brand products weren't working for my skin anymore, I knew i needed to make a change. I got to creating, formulating  and brainstorming.  In January 2022, I went to beauty college to become a licensed esthetician and graduated that same year. The number of questions, support and love I received from everyone close to me, even strangers, left me speechless, overjoyed & grateful. I’ve been in your shoes before, trust me! My goal here at Soothing Palms is to help you trust your process, & achieve your skin goals by using top-quality ingredients that I have researched and studied. I want to make sure that after you use my products you have more skin confidence, self-confidence, and also the ability to know exactly what you are putting on your skin. With love always..